The protection level is IP65. Dust/waterproof. • Adopt capacitive/resistance pure flat touch screen. • High-quality operation keys and switch indicator keys. • Coupling connectors that support a variety of cantilever support profiles. • Simple and efficient on-site installation and maintenance. The core parts can be seen at a glance. The front panel operation keys/switch indicator keys and the controller are easy to wire • The front panel keys can be customized with LOGO/text/color • Flexible optional expansion of USB, host switch, WIFI and custom functions



Nonodajia company has strong R&D, manufacturing capabilities and quality control capabilities. By 2016, the company has invested in the establishment of Suzhou Engineering Technology R&D Center and Suzhou Factory. The R&D center consists of embedded motherboard R&D and system R&D, and factory setting precision. Sheet metal manufacturing and system group

The factory covers an area of nearly 7000m². The factory has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and intellectual property management system certification, and has applied for more than 20 patents, which has comprehensively improved the company's R&D and manufacturing level and customer service response capabilities.


Nodka has a wealth of experience in the industrial control industry, only in capabilities and R&D resources



Invitation | Seminar on "X86 Architecture Software and Hardware Products Empower Visual Operation and Control Integration"

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